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PSYCHIC ARTICLE about Reclaiming Your Life

One day you find yourself alone. The minutes and hours of each day tick by slowly with a stretch of nothingness staring you down. The reason may be divorce or the end of a long-term relationship. Your head hurts, your stomach cramps, your heart feels like an anchor at the bottom of a gigantic ocean of sadness. Give yourself time to cry, rage, and scream your head off. Get it all out. When there is nothing left but a clean slate, you may begin a brand new chapter.

You're thinking…but how? How do I forget? You're not going to forget, but you are going to reclaim your life from the pitiful plight of someone with a broken heart. To increase the power of serenity, repeat a song of your own choosing, but be sure it is uplifting and healing. It's important to not let your feelings stay hidden in a deep well of emotional denial. Let it happen, feel it, examine it and then move on.

Give yourself lots of tender loving care, pamper yourself… If you're not sure how to indulge yourself, make a list of what you love. Take your favorite pen and a piece of stationery you've been saving for a special occasion and make a list of at least 50 things you love. Write down things like: petting puppies, taking bubble baths, shopping for shoes, flying a kite, traveling to an exotic location, eating chocolate, going to a spa. Some of your items may be too intense to actually do, but you can always find a way to visit Maui, without actually going there.

You could read about it or rent a travel video. . Indulge yourself for just a day and then move on down the list to a new favorite thing. If you love chocolate, but know you can't treat yourself to a box of chocolate every day until the hurt diminishes, give yourself permission to have one chocolate each day. The key is to pamper yourself with something you love every day for at least a month.

Meditate Find some time in the morning or evening to sit down, close your eyes and think of nothing. Meditation soothes the spirit in a calm environment that you create for yourself. Block out all the details of the day, clear your mind and find your inner peace. Repeat mantras of your own choosing; make it uplifting and healing and you can step up the power of serenity.

Let people in Let your family and friends pamper and nurture you and share the load just a bit. Sometimes it's hard to allow others into the inner sanctum of our own pain. Allow your friends to be a shoulder to cry on, thoughtful listeners and merry clowns to help you find light and laughter. Go out with them to dinner, a movie or a concert. What seemed nearly insufferable will become less heavy.

Plan a party Grab a notebook and pen and plan out the perfect party, for a month or two down the road. This may sound a bit odd at first and too difficult to pull off when you feel as though your heart has been ripped out and stomped on, but hold tight and you'll discover the secret. Think of a theme, what food you might serve and how you would decorate. You'll find yourself having something to look forward to and you will grow excited over the possibilities. In a month or two you'll be more than ready to throw the best party ever.

These are just a few ways to reclaim your life. It will feel like walking through fire at times, but when you reach the other side you'll learn you're still you and you still have a whole lot of love to give to that someone special, when the opportunity arises, once again. If you need help sorting through the pain, objective, perceptive guidance from an experienced AskNow Clairvoyant psychic might be just what the doctor ordered!


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