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                 Psychic Readings: An Overview

Psychic comes from the Greek word psychikos, meaning of the soul, and psyche, meaning soul. It refers to the ability to see or perceive things that most people do not recognize via their five senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. This ability is often referred to as extra-sensory perception (ESP). It can also be seen as something that is immaterial, or of a spiritual nature. Psychic and other intuitive readings bring advice, guidance and clarity to the client through the heightened perceptions of the reader.

Intuitive readings are tools of personal empowerment. They are a way for the reader to share their own knowledge, and they are a way for the client to gain a better insight into their own life and the world around them.

What Is A Psychic Reading?
A psychic reading can, quite literally, open up new worlds! The very first thing that your live psychic reader will do is to take a look at you – your current situation, how you got there, and what your options are. They will also give you a likely picture of the future – what would be there should you choose to take no action.

Your spiritual reading will be based around you – your strengths, your weaknesses, your skills and abilities. How do you perceive your life, and your issues? Are your glasses rose colored? Are you able to create your own sacred space? Are you seeing the big picture? Are you giving your power away? Do you even recognize that you have personal power?

Your reader will also look at everything linked with the issue(s) you are addressing during your reading. You will get an in-depth picture of where you presently stand, insight into how you got there, and what your options for addressing your issue(s) are. They will also address the pros and cons of each option, and where each option might carry you. You will be given tools to take your power back – this is the most essential part of all accurate readings!

Here are some Types of Readings…

Astrology Readings:
Astrological readings are one of the most successful types of intuitive advice. Based upon the position of the stars at the time of your birth, astrological readings are very focused on where you are, how you got there, and where you are going.

Your sun sign represents your outer self – how you appear to others. Your moon sign represents your inner self – that which makes you tick. It represents intuition, and the unconscious (subconscious) self. Your reading will help you to comprehend these two planets in your own chart, and in the chart of family members or significant others.

Your astrological reading can take this one step further and do comparison charts between two or more people. You can get a better handle on family relationships, bonds with significant others, connections with your children, relationships with co-workers and friends – any type of relationship can be viewed with great clarity through the eyes of astrology.

Through the venue of astrology, past life and karmic matters can also be addressed. Your live online psychic reading will take a look at where the issues originated, how they came to have an effect on you in this lifetime, and how they can be resolved so that they no longer pose a barrier or challenge. Your rising sign (the zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth) is another vital part of your astrological profile.

Your rising sign acts in concert with your sun sign to form your personality. The characteristics of your rising sign form the first impression that people have of you when they meet you. Your planets as they were located at the hour of your birth control your destiny for this lifetime.

Your psychic astrological reading looks at these planets in relation to one another, and helps you to outline your strengths and weaknesses, the obstacles that you will face in this lifetime, and what opportunities lay ahead.

Your psychic astrological reading will help you to understand yourself, as well as those around you, help you to define your strengths and weaknesses, and allow you to become the person that you were fated to be.

Numerology Readings:
Numbers? What can numbers tell us? Ask any numerologist – numbers can tell us a great deal about ourselves! Whether your reading is based on your date of birth, or on the numbers reflected in your name, numerology can paint a very precise picture of who you are – your assets, your weaknesses, your skills and abilities, your spiritual self, and your physical self.

Numerology can help you to define the cycles in your life (long term, yearly, monthly, even day to day), illustrate you where you have been, where you are at present, and what is coming up for you. Your numerology reading paints a personal profile of who you are, and can be utilized quite effectively in relationship profiling (demonstrating how you will relate with another person, what will benefit you, and what will challenge you).

Your numerology reading will function to connect you with your inner self, as well as assist you to appreciate why you are reacting as you are, to people and issues that are external to you.

Tarot Readings:
Tarot readings are based on the typical nature of the cards themselves, and the interpretation of their imagery. Any type of question can be addressed during a Tarot reading. Tarot cards symbolize a journey through life – some see it as the Fool’s Journey, some as the Hero’s Journey. Regardless, this voyage speaks of an individual gaining wisdom on their journey through life.

The Major Arcana speaks of spiritual subjects – matters that are out of the hands of the client. These are critical cards when they turn up in a reading. The Minor Arcana Pips (numbered cards) speak of day-to-day issues, while the Minor Arcana Court Cards can refer to individuals in the client’s life, or to part of the client’s own personality.

Tarot readings delve into the core of any issue – whether it is relationship, career, spiritual or financial. They shed light on unseen information (and hidden agendas), and offer empowerment through educated choice.

Clairvoyant Reading:
Clairvoyant readings come through as images or messages in the reader’s mind. They become visible as pictures and thoughts that come together to form the story that is the reading. This particular type of professional psychic reading is of great use when trying to piece together issues or incidents that seem to make no logical sense, or which are purely too difficult to understand, and therefore hard to act on.

Quite often clairvoyant readings will provide specific details – particularly visual details – that bring about understanding of a person or event. Clairvoyance is often associated with intuition and creativity – a clairvoyant reading will help the client access their own insight and ingenuity in making decisions and taking actions.

Spiritual Reading:
A spiritual reading can include a connection with your Guides, Angels and allies, and it can bring about identification of inner strengths, and keys to guiding you on your spiritual trail. Spiritual psychic readings often involve the spiritual path of the client, even when the questions being asked are of a ordinary nature.

A spiritual reading can also help to clear and balance the chakras of the client, leading to clearer thinking and improved health. It can help to release negative energy, and swap it with positive energy. It can help you to clear away depression, bring closure from your past, distinguish where your obstacles are coming from, and what you need to do to let go.

Dream Interpretation:
Dreams are the gateway between our conscious self and our unconscious self. They help bring needed information to us in a manner that we can accept. Readings that center on dream interpretation help the client to better understand their dreams, and the role that their dreams play in their life.

Your psychic dream analysis will help you to decide which of two main types of dream your dream is – whether your dream images are reflecting people, places, and situations exactly as they are in your life, or whether your dream images are reflecting people, places and things that are symbolic of people, places and things in your life. For example, houses in dreams are reflective of your “self”, and the rooms within the houses are reflective of parts of yourself. If you dream of a home that you know or lived in, and it seems to fit into your dream, you are probably having a dream that is reflecting people, places and things as they are. If you dream of a home that you have never been in, or a home that you have been in but does not fit in with the rest of your dream, then you might want to look at your dream images as being symbolic.

Your advisor can help you define what kind of dream you are having, what the images and/or symbols mean, where the dream fits into your life, and what information is being brought to you. This is an extremely important type of reading. Even those who think that they do not dream are having dreams – they are just not recalling them. If you want to remember your dreams, tell yourself exactly that before you fall asleep. If you want to dream for a resolution to a problem, state that before you go to sleep. Log your dream as soon as you wake up – even in the middle of the night. If you don’t, the information that was brought to you will grow fainter from your consciousness. Also, if you record your dreams in writing, your psychic reader will have more information to work with.

Love & Relationship:
This is an key area for each of us – whether we are trying to work on an inner relationship with our self, work on a relationship with a partner, work on a friendship or a family relationship. Each of these areas has distinctive concerns, and will take a different track to bring into balance and keep healthy. Love and relationship readings are at the top of most intuitive advisor's frequently asked questions list.

Whether you are seeking a relationship, leaving a relationship, or working on keeping one together, your professional advisor is there for you. They will help you to take a new look at your issues, at how they developed, where they stand now, and what you can do to gain better understanding and bring balance and healing to yourself.

To make the best of your reading, write down the fundamental questions that you have before you have your reading. That way you won’t forget something that may actually be very significant to you. Love and relationship readings tend to be very poignant. Understand that your psychic reader will help you look at all of your options, and to work out the pros and cons for each option. They will also give you tools that are personal to you to help empower your relationship decisions.

There are several venues that you can use for accurate intuitive readings: in person, by phone, by e-mail, or via online chat. They all work very well, and all have their pros and cons.

In Person Reading:
An in-person reading works well because you get to meet the advisor, and get a feeling of whether or not you feel comfortable talking to him or her. Things to ask your reader before deciding on getting a reading might be what they charge, what process of reading they use (i.e. Tarot, Astrology, Intuitive, Numerology, I Ching, or some other method), and whether they are willing to record the session for you (many advisors do this as a courtesy for their clients).

Phone Reading:
With a phone reading, there is normally information available wherever the readings are offered (i.e. over the Internet, through a metaphysical store, or through print media). The caller will know what the charge is (by block of time), and how the advisor performs their psychic reading services (what method of reading they use). Phone readings are a helpful tool to use when the subject matter for the reading might make an in-person reading embarrassing for the client.

Email Reading:
Email readings are offered through the Internet, and are usually obtainable at a reduced price (as opposed to a phone or in-person reading). E-mail readings follow different formats, so be sure that you understand whether you are limited as to number of questions asked, or whether you are paying for a specific number or words in the response (i.e. 300-600 words, 600-900 words, etc.). Phrase your questions as precisely as you can, so that you are giving your psychic reader sufficient information to thoroughly understand what you are asking, and what type of answer you are looking for.

Chat Reading:
Chat readings take place online using a chat or instant-message program. These readings can be designed to answer a specific number of questions, or for a explicit amount of minutes. A major drawback here is the ability of the client and the reader to type reasonably quickly, and with a limited amount of spelling errors. A major benefit to chat readings is that as with in-person and phone readings, there is interaction between the client and the reader.

How to Get the Most out of a Psychic Reading:
It is not always easy to know what questions to ask. However, the answers to medical, legal or financial questions are best left to professionals in these fields. Any and all other questions can and will be addressed. Remember – this is your reading!

Before you call (or send in your e-mail questions), sit down and think about the areas of your life that you (a) want to shed some light on, (b) are looking for clarity in, and/or (c) would like to have various tools that you can use to do your own work.

You might be looking into several areas of your life. Break your questions down into areas of life (i.e. friendship, finances, career, home, relationship, spirituality) and jot down all of the questions that you have in each category. Prioritize your questions, so that if you do run out of time, you have the questions answered that mean more to you.

Write all of your questions down, so that you will not forget them. Once you and your reader start the reading, you have the option of permitting them to do a general reading, or you can ask them to focus on specific questions. If you do not understand what they are telling you, ask them for an explanation. Always keep in mind that this is your personal psychic reading!

You can ask your reader for the best way to deal with a situation, and you can ask them which tools they would recommend (such as prayer, declarations, meditation, visualization, dream analysis, goal setting etc.). The objective of your reading is to have your questions answered, and to empower yourself so that you can make the changes that you may need to make in your life.

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