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PSYCHIC ARTICLE about Crucial Breakups

Are you preparing to break up with someone, but it’s not the “best” time? Did your soon-to-be ex just land a new job, is it his or her 40th birthday, or are you just about to celebrate your 10th anniversary together? Whatever the case, you are feeling guilty and realize the time is bad.

Some breakups are truly crucial and the process is never easy. Any breakup is tricky because one person does not want to hurt the other, and you are struggling to find the right words to use when you face your partner.

With luck, this will not be something you have to tolerate, but if you do…do it with care. People anticipate being really happy during the elevating events in their lives and you just know you will crush their personal high with a breakup. It is not always smart to stay together just because “it’s not the right time to break up,” since you will be putting on a mask and faking feelings for your partner. This might only lead to anger and resentment if you bottle it all up. No one wants to feel untruthful, so it is probably a good idea to get through the hard time sooner rather than later. You will want to break up peacefully, and there are many ways you can do this without it turning into a screaming match.

Here is how you can break up gracefully and move on:

* Remark to your partner, ahead of time, that there is something important you want to talk about. This may cause them to wonder and worry, but it also gives them time to prepare.

* Put to the side some actual time and go to a quiet place, without distractions or many people around. Being secluded might make it easier on your partner, if there are emotions and tears involved. Give your partner some respect and take them somewhere at ease. A park or waterfront bench would be a good suggestion.

* Avoid blaming each other, during the discussion. Blame will only cause things to turn ugly. Explain your reasons for breaking up and stick to your needs, instead of telling them how they failed.

* Make certain you mention positive times in the relationship and tell them what you value about them. Tell them they have given you a lot and you have learned from your relationship.

* Talk about times when you have failed and haven’t met their needs. Tell them that you feel you need to work on a lot of things of your own.

* Pay attention to your partner and everything they need to say or get off their chest. There might be anger, tears, frustration and various other emotions. Keep your reaction to a minimum and let them have the floor.

* Remind yourself that you’re not going to be able to make everything OK in just one discussion. Your partner will need time to assimilate what you have said and what is happening. Let your partner know you are open to more discussions after this one and try to be a friend.

* Be prepared yourself. Remember that you won’t be able to control how the other person will react. They might walk away, they might yell or they might bring up all your faults. You have known your partner’s moods over time, so keep in mind how they might respond.

* If you have been together for a long time, trusted each other or even have children between you, it will take a lot of talking and organizing to get through it. Let your partner know you will be available to talk and discuss how you will manage things.

With luck, this will not be something you have to undergo, but if you do…do it with care. By using common sense, compassion and respect, you can end things as well as possible with your partner and begin a fresh start.

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