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PSYCHIC ARTICLE about Our Dreams Uncovered

Every night when we lay down to sleep we dream scenes that puzzle us. We journey into a place where all the rules of life disappear. Everything we can imagine is possible and believable. When a person falls asleep they can cross a threshold between waking reality and unconscious reality. Dreaming has many purposes, from clarifying problems and revealing our deepest feelings, to relieving stress and giving us insight. Just by looking at one or two dreams from a symbolic viewpoint, you can easily see how dreams can really be about our conscious reality.

You need to learn the language of dreams, to understand what your dreams really mean. Most people have dreamt of falling or of being chased. In learning the language of dreams you can discover how the knowledge and awareness of those simple themes can reveal the deep mysteries they hold. Dreams speak in terms of symbols, images and metaphors. Every part of a dream represents some part of our life.

Starting a dream journal is the best way to learn to interpret your dreams. Write down whatever you remember from your dreams, however unusual or disconnected as it may seem. If you cannot remember your dreams, jot down your first thought and your mood, in the morning. This too is revealing of the dreams. If you practice remembering your dreams by recording them, more and more of them will filter from your unconscious to your conscious mind.

If no pattern or image jumps out to you as significant, working with someone who is experienced at the language of dreams—such as an AskNow Clairvoyant psychic dream specialist—is often helpful to get you on the right path. For example, when you have dreams of falling, think about what support system in your life feels unsteady. Is there any distress lately which is causing you to feel like you are falling apart? Falling dreams can be about getting prepared to make a big decision that makes you feel like you are falling out of control, because you don't know the end result. Or perhaps you are starting to fall in love and you are anxious about the outcome. Being chased suggests fear of being caught or being overtaken. Is there a fear in your life that is irritating you? Perhaps you fear a medical test result, or are in a relationship that you dread not being able to get out of? Maybe there is some aspect of your life that you have guilt over.

Just by looking at one or two dreams from a symbolic viewpoint, you can easily see how dreams can actually be about our conscious reality. Understanding our dreams can tell us the answers and solutions to many of our life problems—perhaps even warn us about a direction decision we are about to make, saving us from making mistakes.

Discovering what your dreams mean may be the best gift you can give to yourself. You can awaken to a better understanding of the concerns in your life by consulting with an AskNow Clairvoyant psychic advisor specializing in dream interpretation.


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