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PSYCHIC ARTICLE about Your Independence

Occasionally being too close is unhealthy and it is a good idea to find a way to be liberated while being together. Balance is very important in a relationship and sometimes we become so close we forget our own independence. Here is how you can find your independent self within your caring relationship.

Make Time for Yourself.
Independence can help reinforce your bond and improve your relationship. Remember to fill your time doing things you enjoy. You are in love, but you can still have you own life. If you find that you have more of a flexible schedule than your partner and more free time, you might feel like you want to cling to them when they are around. Go for a workout, take a yoga class or go out with your girlfriends. If your relationship is sound, a few hours apart will not hurt you or your commitment. When you have other hobbies and activities separate from your partner, you will create more excitement in the relationship. You might even contemplate taking a separate vacation or joining a club. It is important to have trust between each other and to know that you can safely have your own life while being in love.

Be Who You Are.
You may value what your partner thinks about you, but that isn’t who you are. Don’t become focused on what your partner thinks about your every move. Your own values and beliefs are what make you who you are. Treat your partner the same way and do not impress your values, or expect them to turn into you. Respect the differences and opinions and sometimes you may have to agree to disagree.

Value Your Differences.
 It is very healthy for there to be differences in your relationship. You are not expected to love all your partner’s interests when you go into a relationship, but you can learn about them if you want to. Do you have a passion for the arts, while your partner has a love for golf? Then enjoy your hobbies when you can and then talk about them. You probably fell in love with each other in the first place because you had some differences you admired. There are always options. If your partner doesn’t feel like playing tennis with you, then you might want to join a tennis team. If your partner doesn’t feel like attending every social event you go to, then take a friend instead.

Make Clear Expectations.
It is a good idea to make some expectations apparent in the relationship. If you expect that your partner cleans up after themselves, tell them this is what you need. It is respectful to let your partner know if you won’t be home for dinner, or to call when you are late from work. Obviously, you cannot let someone know where you are all the time, but little gestures can help prevent apprehensions in the relationship. When you convey your needs and expectations to each other it will be easier for you both in the long run. Independence can help strengthen your bond and enhance your relationship. Some people get too clingy in their relationships and, and the relationship becomes smothering and uneventful. Keep active. Join groups, community classes and clubs. Share stories of your brand new interests with your partner.

With independence comes power and security, which will only make you stronger as a couple. Whether you need guidance on relationship issues or other aspects of your life…a caring, qualified AskNow Clairvoyant psychic is always available to help.


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