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PSYCHIC ARTICLE about Vitality in Relationships

Ever hear the saying "it's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all?” Contrary to a Walt Disney movie, love isn't always everlasting. ‘Happily Ever After' is usually a thing of fairytales. With divorce rates skyrocketing and the ‘seven year itch' tingling after only three, finding ways to keep longevity in a relationship can be quite overwhelming and many opt to head for the hills rather than commit the time and energy to salvage their relationships.

At first the sex was new, exciting and passionate. Now it's monotonous, dull and something you feel you can often do without. According to the government census, 3.6% of every 1,000 people were divorced in 2006 and fewer than 5% of divorcing couples sought marriage counseling.

There are numerous things couples can do to keep their relationships healthy, passionate and long lasting. Up for the challenge?

Speak to you partner! Lack of communication can make or break relationships, whether it be friends, family or significant others. Communicating thoughts and feelings, whether good or bad, can be healthy in a relationship. Your partner may not be keen on some of the things you have to say, but if you have enough respect and love for each other, they will take your feelings and opinions into consideration. Holding feelings or concerns back can lead to anxiety, resentment or even hatred for the other person.

Keep Dating:
You're both very busy with family and careers and really don't have much one-on-one time… find time. Initially, dating is part of a courtship, but as time passes, couples feel that going out to dinner or catching a movie is no longer crucial. Choose a day of the week to be your ‘date night.' This will give you the chance to get away from the stresses of work and home life and allow you to spend alone time together. These dates can reinforce your relationship and give you a chance to catch up.

Stay Intimate:
At first the sex was fresh, exciting and passionate. Now it's dull, lackluster and something you can do without. Sex alone can put a strain on a relationship. When a partner is bored or loses interest, they may stray. Keep your sex life new by doing little things to excite your partner. Come home early from work and have a candlelit dinner prepared. The catch...? Serve him in lingerie. Sex shouldn't feel like a job or an obligation. Be open to trying new things sexually. Refer to a Kama Sutra book or even a close friend for advice, and find out about new techniques you can attempt in the bedroom. This could surprise and even turn your partner on, while showing them that you are making an effort to keep the passion in your relationship.

Before throwing in the towel on your relationship, realize what it is that you have together and that will help you decide if your relationship is worth the fight. Besides…nothing good ever came easy!

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